It all began shortly after Megan's awakening, when she first met her psychic mediumship mentor in 2019. She showed Megan how she could use candles to heal herself and her energy. The problem was Megan could not find the color candles that she needed, and the ones she could find made a big mess or had fragrance oils that gave her a major headache. So Megan looked into making her own natural candles, and with the help of her spiritual friend Kate, they created the first candles of IntuWickTion together. Shortly after they began this venture, Kate met Sarah at an Equine Therapy volunteer program, and they all just clicked. Bringing Sarah on as the third partner seemed like something they were guided to do. These are the woman of IntuWickTion.


We love what we do and we love spreading the light! We are grateful to all of those who support us!

- Sincerely Megan, Kate, & Sarah 



Meet Megan, co-founder of IntuWickTion. Megan spearheads our online sales and shipping department. She is a part of each essential oil selection that goes into our intentional products and is a gemstone enthusiast. Outside of candle making she is a loving mother by day and a CrossFit coach by night. She is a Reiki certified healer, as well as a practicing psychic medium and mentor. Megan's main goal is to craft a candle experience for our clients to release negativity and usher in light energy to increase your overall vibration. 

M  E  E  T     K  A  T  E

Meet Kate, co-founder of IntuWickTion. She is what, co-founder Sarah would call the "Creative Guide" to this triage- from glass jar selection, to photography, to the booth look at trade shows. She loves helping create catchy candle titles & spearheads the label conceptions. At an early age she had an interest in astrology and the Universe. She is a Reiki certified healer and is currently focusing on Angelic Guidance, after studying psychic mediumship for years. You most likely would find her country dancing on a Friday night or hiking in the Arizona Mountains on weekends. Kate strives to make the overall design of our products, be just as enlightening as the intentions of each product. 

M  E  E T     S  A  R  A  H

Meet Sarah, the co-founder of IntuWickTion. She was, what can only be called, Divinely guided to this candle making trio. Sarah is our social media management and marketing expert. As a Licensed Master of Social Work, healing and connecting with others is a huge passion and gift. From a very young age, Sarah has been highly empathic and is currently a Reiki & MariEL certified healer and psychic medium. Her favorite hobbies include hiking with her dog, camping with her husband, and volunteering for local non-profits. Community is so important to Sarah, she believes that with each candle prepared, IntuWickTion is helping foster the most intentional community out there.