Check out our new Auric Mists! They are perfect when you are unable to burn a candle, like in the office, or when you are on the go and need a little auric pick me up. They are also the perfect compliment to one of our candle. The sprays are made with all natural ingredients and essential oils!


To use: Just shake and spray, you can walk into the mist or just let it settle around the room.



Powerful Protection- Frankincense and Geranium with Black Tourmaline crystals inside

Palace Purification- Frankincense and Sage with Himalayan Sea Salt

Mindful Meditation- Cedar and Ylang Ylang


All sprays come in a 4 oz white glass bottle, with plastic sprayer. 


***All sales are final, if the product comes damaged send us a photo and we will replace the product.


Not recommended for use around children under 2. If you are pregnant or nursing consult your doctor before using essential oils.

Auric Mist

  • All sales are final.